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Hello, Hello, Hello,
And welcome back, to Bitcoin Beats.

This is a strategy & Indicator that's essentially supertrend. However, we have used machine learning and AI to determine the best parameters in order to never lose money.
Yes you read that correctly, this Algo has NEVER lost a trade. All trades have come through successfully based on % moves.

A 'Supertrend' indicator is one, which can give you precise buy or sell signal in a trending market. ... The buy and sell signals are generated when the indicator starts plotting either on top of the closing price or below the closing price.

This strategy finds the best exit point without ever having to take a loss. This means you can use Cross leverage if the risk management is good enough and not worry about your account getting REKT as the trade always comes through in the end.

Trade at your own risk.

Thanks you and Goodbye, From Bitcoin Beats.
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Please ask on for access to my scripts.
Or DM me for any queries.


can I please try?
Hello.CoulD I use your indicator? Thanks!
Good evening Hamilton can I try this script for a few days? Love your youtube content as well
@RubenR, Sure but take note that it isn't 100% anymore! I'll give you a week!
Hi, sick script :)
can i also test please
BitcoinBeats defidaddy
@defidaddy, unfortunately 2020 destroyed this script! no longer 100% but can be used for trends. gave you a week!
defidaddy BitcoinBeats
@BitcoinBeats, thanks :) do you have youtube channel also?
BitcoinBeats defidaddy
@defidaddy, I do indeed!
Can i try this?
BitcoinBeats Prezley77
@Prezley77, you can but the results haven't been perfect this year, should be called the 96% instead lol
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