BTC Volatility Band Strategy

This script/strategy is a pullback system designed for securities with high volatility so naturally Bitcoin is an excellent choice for trading this. This could be used both on a daily chart or on lower timeframes (I found good results on 3hr timeframe but haven't tested it on anything under 1hr).

A volatility band is created by comparing the candle close price of the previous 2 candles and and it uses this change in price to create a moving average. A band is wrapped around the moving average with a standard deviation of 1 for the inner band and 2 for the outer band. If the price is above a pre-set MA (moving average filter) then it is determined we are in an uptrend so the strategy will issue a buy signal when we are in an uptrend and there is a pullback which causes the lower inner deviation band to be spiked, but if the price continues and falls through the outer deviation band then a buy signal will not issue as this detriments that the volatility spike is to great. You can see a spike "buy" event occur on the indicator where the background is coloured green. For a short/sell then there will be a spike on the upper inner band and we are below the pre-set MA filter, for this it shows with red background on the indicator.

The user can change the date range they wish to test, the moving average period for the volatility tracking and the inner and outer band deviations. On BTC I left the inner deviation and outer deviation bands on standard settings but found the 3 period volatility tracking to be good for trading 1 day chart and the 5 period volatility tracking good for the 3hr chart. Since this is not a buy and hold strategy then for trading you would probably want to stick with the most liquid coins so you can get in and out very fast on any exchange. If you wanted to tray this on less volatile markets then changing the inner deviation band to ~0.75 would work okay in various futures markets likely stocks as well. The take profit and stop loss levels are based on a multiple of the trading range looking back the past 7 candles.

Attached result is trading 1 BTCUSDT contract on Binance.
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