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Heiken Ashi candles help us to identify a trend.

This strategy simply enters a long when the Heiken Ashi candles turn green and a short when they turn red.

Because of the way BTC price moves in medium term trends, this simple strategy seems effective.

There is a rate of change function applied to avoid some of the choppy sideways action (thanks again to kiasaki for the code)

There is a 2% fixed stop loss applied and an optional take-profit setting. You can change both in the settings.

As you can see from the code, this strategy does not enter trades based on the Heiken Ashi closes, rather the actual price close. This is an important distinction since the HA closes are based on an average of the OHLC values so attempting to enter at that price may not always be possible. There are some "strategies" that use this information to try and con people by appearing to have awesome entries that are actually not attainable in all cases.

  • Green = Long
  • Red = Short
  • White = No trade
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