Intelligent Exponential Moving Average (AI)


This indicator uses machine learning (Artificial Intelligence) to solve a real human problem.

The Exponential Moving Average ( EMA ) is one of the most used indicators on the planet, yet no one really knows what pair of exponential moving average lengths works best in combination with each other.

A reason for this is because no two EMA lengths are always going to be the best on every instrument, time-frame, and at any given point in time.

The "Intelligent Exponential Moving Average" solves the moving average problem by adapting the period length to match the most profitable combination of exponential moving averages in real time.

How does the Intelligent Exponential Moving Average work?

The artificial intelligence that operates these moving average lengths was created by an algorithm that tests every single combination across the entire chart history of an instrument for maximum profitability in real-time.

No matter what happens, the combination of these exponential moving averages will be the most profitable.

Can we learn from the Intelligent Moving Average?

There are many lessons to be learned from the Intelligent EMA . Most will come with time as it is still a new concept. Adopting the usefulness of this AI will change how we perceive moving averages to work.


Ultimately, there are no limiting factors within the range of combinations that has been programmed. The exponential moving averages will operate normally, but may change lengths in unexpected ways - maybe it knows something we don't?


The range of exponential moving average lengths is between 5 to 40 .
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Future Updates!

Soon, I will be publishing tools to test the AI and visualise what moving average combination the AI is currently using.
Informacje o Wersji: This indicator is now a private indicator. An activation key is now required for use.

A tick-box has been added in the indicator settings panel that will turn on an X marker where the two moving averages have crossed for visual aid.
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Hey this script is incredibly fascinating, the lines move perfectly! I am a bit confused how you use machine learning with tradingview as pinescript only supports scalar data at this time, but I am excited to see your further tools with this.

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@mcbw_, Loops and Mutable variables allows for variables to be redefined.
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Does this indicator no longer work?
@Bovem, It is a private indicator.
Getting a compile error on this bro?
AlexMihail AlexMihail
@AlexMihail, I think it's a little offputting how you've seemingly marketed this as a free product yet it just redirects you to your website where you're asking $199 ... is it possible to have a free trial at least? That is a lot to ask to pay up front for something i don't even know is going to work for me.
Odpowiedz What is this ?
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