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This indicator is designed to provide in-depth analysis of volume data from multiple sources and distinguish highly liquid candles by measuring the density of the volume. By focusing on the density and concentration of volume, rather than just the volume itself, it offers a more nuanced view of the market. This can be particularly beneficial in markets like cryptocurrencies, where understanding the role of market makers versus retail traders is crucial for strategic trading.

This is how it works:

Multiple Asset Integration:
Unlike standard volume indicators, True Volume allows the inclusion of up to four different assets (or the same asset from various exchanges) into its volume calculations. This feature provides a broader and more accurate total volume representation, essential in markets like cryptocurrencies where volume is dispersed across multiple exchanges.

Adjustable Time Anchors:
It offers various time anchor options, allowing traders to analyze volume data over different time periods or a specific amount of lookback candles. This flexibility helps in understanding volume trends over both short and long-term time frames.

Volume Density Analysis:
The core of this indicator is the innovative concept of Volume Density. It's calculated using a sigmoid function that normalizes the volume-to-price movement ratio in a unique way without needing a max cap or having the density column spike off the chart. This method helps in distinguishing between normal volume fluctuations and those that are unusually dense for the given price movement. This distinction is key in identifying potential market maker activities.

The Visuals:
The Volume Density is displayed in a unique way without compromising the original volume bars or cap the density. Infinite density can essentially be represented without having an infinitely large bar or caping out the density data. There's also two different color themes, optional bar color, and an option to flip the density bars up-side down for a different representation. Each of the original volume sources can be displayed separately as well. All colors as customizable as well for your own preference.

Price Volume Trend (PVT):
Included in this indicator is also the Price Volume Trend, which cumulatively measures the density delta, offering insights into the longer-term momentum of the market.

How do I trade it?

This indicator aims to give you insight into 'the other side of the trade', the Market Makers. When you buy, they provide liquidity by selling to you. That drives the Volume Density up.
Consider whether the market maker is currently long or short and might need to cover their position by wicking price back, or "adjust inventory". Especially towards the end of a market session.
Consider dense candles during market gaps or weekends to be market manipulation moves.
The density also goes up when stop losses are hit. If price makes a higher high or lower low, high density could indicate a liquidation event.
Informacje o Wersji:
Fixed an issue where the Period setting wasn't functioning correctly on the daily and higher time frames.
Informacje o Wersji:
Fixed an issue where the indicator sometimes wouldn't load when the selected period would reference more than 5000 historical candles to do it's calculations. This would for example happen if you are on a 1 minute timeframe with a weekly period selected, since a week has over 10000 minutes or candles in this case. Now there's an internal limit at 4999 candles to keep the error from occurring.

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