Gradient Candles

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The Gradient Candles indicator is crafted to be a comprehensive replacement for default candlesticks, offering users an enhanced and visually stunning alternative. To experience the intended results and fully immerse in the distinctive features of Gradient Candles, it's recommended to hide the default candlesticks. This ensures that traders can fully appreciate the unique color gradient and dynamic visual representation that this indicator brings to chart analysis.

Designed to elevate chart analysis, Gradient Candles not only offer a fresh perspective on price movements but also captivate users with their visually appealing representation of market dynamics. Departing from traditional candlestick coloration, the dynamic adaptation of colors, the 'color.from_gradient()' function plays a pivotal role in translating the current source value into a color that reflects its proximity to the highest and lowest values and corresponding colors. Beyond its analytical capabilities, Gradient Candles transform market analysis into an aesthetically enriching experience, providing traders with a unique and comprehensive tool for their technical analysis toolkit.

Traders can tailor the indicator's appearance to suit their preferences and seamlessly integrate it into their personal trading environment. From color inversion to transparency adjustments and the option to fill candles instead of outlining them, the customization features empower users to create a visual representation that aligns precisely with their unique preferences.

Informacje o Wersji:
Fix Chart to show close up and zoomed out view.
Informacje o Wersji:
Updated to allow for plotting of assets other than the main one being viewed, cleaned up settings page a bit
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