Pundi X Tries To Move [NPXSBTC](70%)

BINANCE:NPXSBTC   Pundi X / Bitcoin
Remember how I keep on mentioning that my trades are clearly marked?

When I share a trade rather than chart analysis, you will see the altcoin pair and profits potential listed on the title, i.e. ( NPXSBTC )(70%).

Quick analysis for Pundi X vs Bitcoin

Pundi X ( NPXSBTC ) Trade by Alan Masters

Trade: Pundi X ( NPXSBTC )

BUY: 16-17


(1) 19
(2) 22
(3) 24
(4) 26
(5) 29

STOP-LOSS: Close daily below 15.

Note: This is not financial advice.


Each time you see the rain, when you see it come from far away.
Always remain open to its blessings, the rain brings with it lots of prosperity, and some information it wants to share.

The rain comes after the sun, after the need for growth has evolved.

So when you see the rain pouring, you know abundance is about to come.

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Transakcja zakończona: osiągnięto poziom stop: Targets are valid on the way up.
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Powiązane pomysły

Hi Alan, please update here.

Is this going up again ?
alanmasters Fragnstein
@Fragnstein, I have a trade ready for this in my private platform, I might update later.
+1 Odpowiedź
Ok, this is the last time we are re-testing the 12 support, from here the Pump should start, be ready!
alanmasters genesislord
@genesislord, This one has been slow lately, it is better to wait for a confirmed breakout on this one.
how are you !! i hope to be good
may i ask from you to update the chart of npxs/btc

thanks for you :)
@wissi14, Next full "Flower" moon on the 18th of May. Hope to see a retest of 20/21 Sats.
Agree with you. Even these are tiny coins with less sats and big orders, we can make good profit with small moments. Buy low and Sell high is the way!
+1 Odpowiedź
@rkothwala, And most of them have a very bright future.
+2 Odpowiedź
Thanks for the time and hard work you put into these charts for us!
+1 Odpowiedź
@Teruss2, It is my pleasure.

Thanks a lot for the continued support.

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