Scary but also beautiful BTC

CME:BTC1!   Kontrakty terminowe CME na Bitcoin
Scary but also beautiful! How is it possible? We see clear downtrend and now it’s confirmed also by Options Sentiment indicator at the bottom (both signals aligned - more volume in Put Options than Calls (orange vertical bars) & red background showing sentiment of Options indicator. Both are Bearish now.

But when BTC will reverse (and it will happen somewhen in future) we have so many untested Virgin VPOCs to fill in! And believe me - Virgins are always retested 😉 Last but not least - check blue Volume Zone from VSA Scanner, where we’re close to its’ top edge. Reversal point? I am NOT entering Long (yet), but I keep closely observing BTC .

Options combined with VSA are complete trading suite if properly used. I've created tools available for everyone which are universal (works on multiple types of instruments). Start getting your edge in trading today!


AI calculated Levels based on Darkpool and Options market data
Automatic Scanner of Supply & Demand on the market - VSA Scanner with a taste of AI ;)
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