Alt Season IV Finale

CRYPTOCAP:BTC.D   Market Cap BTC Dominance, %
Despite the downhill on BTC we saw on 5.12.21, many alts didn't react as drastically. This situation kinda remind me what happened after the bubble pop from 17.12.17 - BTC didn't reach its ath for next 4 years, but plentiful altcoins had their ultimate run (including ETH, BNB, NANO, to name just a few winners) in January, where only sky was the limit. Here the situation is quite similar - we still didn't see the ATL on btc-dominance, though Alts are getting stronger, more functional, present and obvious. I hear many voices, that it's quite silly and greedy to look for opportunities on alts right now, that in such time the capital flows back to BTC, and well, the time will show. For now, let's wait if the support on local low on BTC.D will make it. With the growing amount of new projects, growing crypto adoption, and with alts becoming real alternatives, not just alts, new ATL on dominance is just a matter of time

(obv it's not a financial advice, just my thoughts and reflection)