How much data is available for Bar Replay?

The length of historical data in Bar Replay can vary depending on the selected symbol and chart timeframe. For daily and daily-based timeframes, we display all available data on the chart and the same data can be used in the Bar Replay mode. For intraday timeframes, TradingView keeps limited amount of data and the length in Bar Replay varies depending on the plan. 

For Pro and Pro+ plan holders, the length of available intraday data is calculated as follows: from now to 6 weeks back multiplied by timeframe(in minutes), i.e. you can go 6 weeks back on the 1-minute chart, 12 weeks back on the 2-minute chart, 30 weeks back on the 5-minute chart, 90 weeks back on the 15-minute chart and so on. The higher timeframe is selected, the more intraday data is available.

While Premium plan holders have more historical intraday data for Bar Replay:  from now to 6 months back multiplied by timeframe(in minutes), i.e. Premium users have access to 6 months of 1-minute data. For 2-minute timeframe, this limit is doubled and a year of 2-min data is available; for 3-minute it is tripled and 18 months of 3-min data is available and so on. 

For all second-based timeframes, Premium users have access to 90 days of data in Bar Replay.

Please note that the above-mentioned replay limits are not applied to continuous futures charts - 1! and 2! symbols(for example, ES1!, BANKNIFTY1!) as they have their own special intraday limitations and it's not possible to play more than 20K intraday bars in the replay mode.

If there is no data for the selected time period, the Replay will show the notification "The specified starting point for the chart replay is too far away. Please select another one."

When you switch timeframes from higher to lower ones, there may be a situation when there is data available on the higher timeframe (e.g. 1 day) that is not available on the lower timeframe chart (e.g. 1 min) since the intraday limit has been reached. In this case, you will see the message "Data point unavailable" in the bottom left corner of the chart and the Bar Replay will bring you to the most recent bars, but you will still be in the Bar Replay mode and will be able to choose a new starting point for replay by clicking "Jump To..." button.