RSI Tunnels

An experimental RSI Tunnels indicator that plots RSI inside RSI High/Low tunnels and shows the breakouts of the tunnel.
The tunnels are made by fetching the RSI previous highest high and previous lowest low.

If current RSI CROSS OVER the higher band and above zero line, we have a bullish signal.
If current RSI CROSS UNDER the lower band and below zero line, we have a bearish signal.

The colors define the trend strength and define if current RSI is below zero line or above zero line.
GREEN: Strong up trend.
LIGHT GREEN: Weakening up trend. (Might indicate an up reversal)
RED: Strong down trend.
Light Red: Weakening down trend. (Might indicate a down reversal)

The Trick is that trend continues until the other way signal triggers, than we change color.

Bars are not colored by default.
From a few tests it seems to work better on higher time frames - 1 hour and above.
Each asset can have its own rhythm, adjust 'Tunnels look back' period in settings to meet the asset rhythm.

Quote which i like: “Minimizing downside risk while maximizing the upside is a powerful concept.” – Mohnish Pabrai
Enjoy and like if you like. :)

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