RSI/MFI Selling Sentiment Index

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Psychological Sales Index (Psychological Sales Index)

Fundamental Indicators of Market Sentiment: The Importance of MFI and RSI
The two fundamental indicators that best reflect market sentiment are Money Flow Index (MFI) and Relative Strength Index (RSI). MFI is an indicator of the flow of funds in a market by combining price and volume, which is used to determine whether a stock is over-bought or over-selling. RSI is an indicator of the overheating of the market by measuring the rise and fall of prices, which is applied to the analysis of the relative strength of stock prices. These two indicators allow a quantitative assessment of the market's buying and selling pressure, which provides important information to understand the psychological state of market participants.

Using timing and fundamental metrics

In order to grasp the effective timing of the sale, in-depth consideration was needed on how to use basic indicators. MFI and RSI represent the buying and selling pressures of the market, respectively, but there is a limit to reflecting the overall trend of the market alone. As a result, a study on how to capture more accurate selling points was conducted by comprehensively considering technical analysis along with psychological factors of the market.

The importance of ADX integration and weighting

The "Average Regional Index (ADX)" was missing in the early version. ADX is an indicator of the strength of a trend, and has experienced a problem of less accuracy in selling sentiment indicators, especially in the upward trend. To address this, we incorporated ADX and adopted a method of adjusting the weights of MFI and RSI according to the values of ADX. A high ADX value implies the existence of a strong trend, in which case it is appropriate to reduce the influence of MFI and RSI to give more importance to the strength of the trend. Conversely, a low ADX value increases the influence of MFI and RSI, putting more weight on the psychological elements of the market.

How to use and interpret
The user can adjust several parameters. Key inputs include 'Length', 'Overbought Threshold', 'DI Length', and 'ADX Smoothing'. These parameters are used to set the calculation period, overselling threshold, DI length, and ADX smoothing period of the indicator, respectively. The script calculates the psychological selling index based on MFI, RSI, and ADX. The calculated index is normalized to values between 0 and 100 and is displayed in the graph. Values above 'Overbought Threshold' indicate an overselling state, which can be interpreted as a potential selling signal. This index allows investors to comprehensively evaluate the psychological state of the market and the strength of trends, which can be used to make more accurate selling decisions.
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