Relative Strength Index Wave Indicator [CC]

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The Relative Strength Index Wave Indicator was created by Constance Brown (Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional), and this is a unique indicator that uses the weighted close formula, but instead of using the typical price values, it uses the RSI calculated from the various prices. It then creates a rainbow by smoothing the weighted RSI with four different lengths. As far as the buy or sell signals with this indicator go, I did change things from the original source, so feel free to experiment and let me know if anything works better for you. I decided to do a variation of the original source and create buy and sell signals based on crossovers, but my version only uses the first and second smoothed RSI lines. You could also average all of the lines and buy when the average is rising and sell when it starts to fall. I have used my typical buy and sell signals to use darker colors for strong signals and lighter colors for normal signals. Because of the rainbow effect from the wave, the color changes will only appear for the bar itself when you enable that setting.

Let me know if there is any other script you would like to see me publish! I will have plenty more RSI scripts to publish in the next week. Let me know if you like this indicator series.
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