Financial Astrology Moon Speed

The acceleration of the Moon seems to be important in determining the periods of increasing volatility , when the speed is accelerating we can note that the price range of the candles during the acceleration period is greater than the candles during the deceleration period. In other words, the speed increase produce stronger effect in the price action and is expected that Moon aspects during speed acceleration are more intense than the ones formed during deceleration.

In order to evaluate this astro trading pattern, observe when Moon touch the speed minima around 11.5 degrees per day, at that point the speed curve start to increase until it reach the maxima around 15 degrees per day, within this period the candles price range seems to be more intense.

Note: The Moon speed indicator is based on an ephemeris array that covers years 2010 to 2030, prior or after this years the speed is not available, this daily ephemeris are based on UTC time so in order to align properly with the price bars times you should set UTC as your chart timezone.

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