Quick tip: Add a signal line to your indicator, no coding!

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Want to make your RSI smoother and easier to track and follow its signals? You can add a moving average signal line to it.

Let me share how to do this quickly without coding.

This is a very neat and easy trick you can do - thanks to TradingView :) - using the feature "Indicator-on-indicator"

Quick Steps: add RSI to your chart if its not already there, hover on the RSI indicator label, click the "..." ellipsis, choose the option to "Add Indicator/Strategy on RSI" - it will be the second command from the top on the shortcut menu, and choose your favorite moving average from the indicator library - adjust the MA settings to your preference - and you're done! No coding needed.

maybe, like me, you are experimenting with my recently-published RSS_WMA - aka the Lazy Line 😎 - will add a link below - you can add it to your RSI like i did in the example chart above.

The RSI with the new signal line looks a lot easier to use and trade on, right? The MA Line not only makes RSI more visually appealing, but also makes it easy to follow the RSI movements into OB/OS zones, or crossing the middle line. for "visual folks" like me, this is an improvement that makes a big difference in my trading.

* You can use this same trick with any other indicator / combo of indicators - that would make sense to combine with this approach - in your charts. Get creative.

* Indicator-on-Indicator is an awesome feature - just wanted to share a quick reminder of this trick, as i also forget about it most of the time.

* for more details, there's a comprehensive guide to this feature in TradingView's Help Center

trade safely and good luck!


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@TradingView, thank you for a wonderful charting and scripting platform.
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It's a useful feature, I just hope one day we can use more than one external input for indicators.
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Wonderful post.
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