Patience is key - This video is to help a fellow trader on TV

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I can't say it enough that patience is key. I got a lot of messages over the past evening from fellow traders who are attempting to use strategies that they find or strategies that they are trying to develop and they're using the oscillator which I've created.

Here is a link to it (click the image)

One particular treasure found me on another community and wanted to be able to get in touch with me here on tradingview and as a result he sent me a message along with a bunch of screenshots. One of the messages described everything for me and in that moment I knew exactly what he was doing wrong and I was under the impression that he's simply entering way too early. sure enough I looked at the images and the screenshots that he sent and it played out exactly what I thought was going on. His entries are way too early.

This brings up my key topic that patience is key.
also you should always be setting your support and resistance levels because you don't really want to trade Beyond them. If you do not have them set up, if you do not have trendlines setup then you are simply trading to a blind area of a price point and you're just hoping that it's going to get there.
to be honest with you the market is always hoping that you did not do your technical analysis and that you are going to fail. So in this video you can see how I am giving a breakdown of what this traitor did right and what he did wrong.

So @harry_hunter on tradingview this is for you

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