Intelligent Supertrend (AI) - Buy or Sell Signal


This indicator uses machine learning (Artificial Intelligence) to solve a real human problem.

The artificial intelligence that operates this Supertrend was created by an algorithm that tests every single combination of input values across the entire chart history of an instrument for maximum profitability in real-time.

The Supertrend is one of the most popular indicators on the planet, yet no one really knows what input values work best in combination with each other. A reason for this is because not one set of input values is always going to be the best on every instrument, time-frame, and at any given point in time.

The "Intelligent Supertrend" solves this problem by constantly adapting the input values to match the most profitable combination so that no matter what happens, this Supertrend will be the most profitable.

Indicator Utility

The Intelligent Supertrend does not change what has already been plotted and does not repaint in any way which means that it is fully functional for trading in real-time.

Ultimately, there are no limiting factors within the range of combinations that have been programmed. The Supertrend will operate normally but will change input values according to what is currently the most profitable strategy.

Input Values

While a normal Supertrend would include two user-defined input values, the Intelligent Supertrend automates the input values according to what is currently the most profitable combination.

Additional Tools

The Optimised Supertrend is a tool that can be used to visual what input values the Supertrend AI is currently using. Additional tools to back-test this indicator will be added to this product soon.

For more information on how this indicator works, view the documentation here:

For more information on the Supertrend view these fun facts:

Informacje o Wersji: Minor Update.
More to come.
Informacje o Wersji: Updated
Informacje o Wersji: All of the optimisation logic existed except the plot functions were only using one of the two outputs meaning that the SuperTrend AI was only half as good as it could be (yet still way better than without the machine learning function.)

Now, an additional layer has been added which should have already existed.
Enjoy the improved SuperTrend AI!

!!!!!!!! View the video explanation here !!!!!!!!!
Informacje o Wersji: .
Informacje o Wersji: Updated Documentation
Informacje o Wersji: Alert conditions have now been added for SMS and Email notifications of trend changes for trading.
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Hi Grant, Could I use this indicator? Would like to compare it to MASAR.
+3 Odpowiedz
@Krauser, You can get a trail through his website at Use code "couver15#" to receive 15% off any purchases you make. :)
Can I try this nice one?
+2 Odpowiedz
GrantPeace ajaygovind
@ajaygovind, Yes, access can be found at

Nice work as always Grant. I'd like to give this a whirl!
+1 Odpowiedz
Can I try this indicator?
+1 Odpowiedz
please sir can i get an access to it
+1 Odpowiedz
Nice work as always Grant. I'd like to give this a whirl!
+1 Odpowiedz
Love the Intelligent Moving Average .Wish I could have a trial access to evaluate its great value, thank you sir.
+1 Odpowiedz
can i get access please
+1 Odpowiedz
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