alpha Renko intraday wave time

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I was asked to share my experimental Renko intraday wave time. So here it is warts and all. The same for the rest - except the Weis cumulative volume .

Renko wave time is in minutes. This script is strictly intraday and has not been played with extensively.
You must use traditional Renko and set the script wave size to the same size as the Renko brick size.

If you click on the sideways wishbone or "V" in the middle upper part of the chart you will get all of the scripts in this particular sandbox. After clicking the sideways wish bone click on "make it mine". You will then have the whole sandbox. The only published script is the Weis cumulative wave.

The "Boys MAs" is supposed to be a script for daily charts and from within some kind of consolidation. In any case I am intrigued by some signals. You have a variety of sandbox options in the format section of the boys MAs.

These codes are pretty rough with lots of abandoned lines of script.
Oct 01
Informacje o Wersji: This script is a complete rethink/rewrite of the old script.
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Could you help me please? I was using your "alpha Renko intraday wave time" version 1, but now is not working.

Thank you very much
Thank you Jayy! If you could somehow make the wave size available as a function of ATR I would be indebted to you for the rest of my life.
jayy knpalmeri
@knpalmeri, I will play with the script. Keep in mind this is an intraday script. There are a few other changes to make to make the script little more usable.
If anyone wants/is willing to test the beta version and give me feedback, please msg me
@jayy, Hi.

Can I help me?
I apply in my tradingview, but not work.
willbsan willbsan
@javy, sorry.
Can you help me?
jayy willbsan
@willbsan, I have sent you a message. This version does need work. For starters you could remove the following from line 13: "minval=.0001, maxval=150," . If you want to try a beta version let me know. Jayy
@jayy, thank's for help.
I'm sorry, I was inserting it wrong.
Now it's works.
I really like Cumulative Volume.
I'm trading indices futures USD/BRL BM&F Bovespa Brazil.
I,m use TRYD Trader System, but it not have a good Cumulative Volume (Weis Wave Volume) and ZigZag.
I would like to develop it.
jayy willbsan
@willbsan, It is more efficient to message me. In any case, I have given you access to my Weis Wave. I am not sure you want it but it is done. Here is a link: https://www.tradingview.com/script/HSjax5za-Weis-Wave-Jayy/?utm_source=notification_email&%3Butm_medium=email&%3Butm_campaign=notification_vote
Thanks Jayy.
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