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(Tradingview is not updating previous scripts it seems)
Corrected some math issues.
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Can you please tell me how to use this indicator? and can i use this for intraday 5 or 15 mins timeframe? In this condition what will be the setting of indicator.
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Ainda tem usado este ? Pois está dando um erro para mim na abertura , para colocar estrategia antes
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Hello, how can I configure to position the market profile lines on the previous day, they are positioned on the current date with data from the previous day, please help me! Thank you!
RicardoSantos PoupeBitcoin
@PoupeBitcoin, you cant atm
PoupeBitcoin RicardoSantos
Hello, could you also inform me how I can change the opening and closing date to 00:00h (orange) as shown in the chart below ...
I would be very grateful if you could post the code for this change ...
Thank you!

PoupeBitcoin PoupeBitcoin
@PoupeBitcoin, It could be opening 00: 00h and closing at 23: 59h or similar
hi ricardo than you for the indicator. Can you pls explain the settings and how to read the coloured lines? appreciate your input.
RicardoSantos thatlazytrader

• the area between black lines (TPO, Time Price Opportunity) is the area were price occurred most in the previous session
• the area between green/maroon lines(VAH,VAL, Value At High/Low) is the area that contains most of the price occurrences in the previous session(set at 70%, but can be changed manually on the options)
thatlazytrader RicardoSantos
@RicardoSantos, thanks for the reply and info. Also, how should one interpret the session time frame value? I assumed 'M' stands for monthly? tried changing but probably cuz I don't know what I'm doing. Also, is the indicator set to work only until 2H timeframe? doesn't seem to display on 1H and lower.
RicardoSantos thatlazytrader
@thatlazytrader, yes its the same as what you see displayed timeframe in the chart(need to use capital letters), not showing on the lower timeframes might be due to lack of loaded history bars, tradingview is a bit restricted there. you can try weekly or daily on intraday bars
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