library TypeMovingAverages

Library "TypeMovingAverages"
This library function returns a moving average.
  • ma_fast
  • ma_slow


// This source code is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0 at https://mozilla.org/MPL/2.0/
// © hapharmonic

indicator("Test MATYPE", overlay=true)
import hapharmonic/TypeMovingAverages/1 as MAType

xprd1 = input(title='   💉Fast EMA period', defval=12)
ma_select1 = 'EMA'

xprd2 = input(title='   💉Fast EMA period', defval=26)
ma_select2 = 'EMA'
xsmooth = input.int(title='🏄‍♂️Smoothing period (1 = no smoothing)', minval=1, defval=1)

ma_fast = MAType.MA_selector(close, xprd1, ma_select1,xsmooth)
ma_slow = MAType.MA_selector(close, xprd2, ma_select2,xsmooth)

plot(ma_fast, "INDICATOR",color.green)
plot(ma_slow, "INDICATOR",color.red)

Of course, you can run these types just by adding options. 'ma_select1 ' and 'ma_select2'
SMA', 'EMA', 'WMA', 'HMA', 'JMA', 'KAMA', 'TMA', 'VAMA', 'SMMA', 'DEMA', 'VMA', 'WWMA', 'EMA_NO_LAG', 'TSF', 'ALMA'

Informacje o Wersji: v2
Informacje o Wersji: v3


🤖If you want access, then please send me a message with your request. Thank you!

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