MA Strategy Emperor insiliconot

The Script offers 9 different EMAs with 14 different MA types.

The make use of the script is to find the entry on the 1-4 hour altcoins while using the in-built 13/21 crossover strategy to be used in sync with Heikin Ashi cross-over with Fib levels of 0.236 Fib level.

How to use it.

Entry is to be made when the
1. Cross over gives a P(Positive Sign) and the candle completely closes above the cross-over
2. When the Heikin Ashi turns green and the next green HA candle goes above the previous green HA candle.
3. The price should be at-least above the 0.236 Level from the Swing high.

All the Best.
Skrypt open-source

Zgodnie z prawdziwym duchem TradingView, autor tego skryptu opublikował go jako open-source, aby traderzy mogli go zrozumieć i zweryfikować. Brawo dla autora! Możesz używać go za darmo, ale ponowne wykorzystanie tego kodu w publikacji jest regulowane przez Dobre Praktyki. Możesz go dodać do ulubionych, żeby używać go na wykresie.

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Thank you for sharing, I like the clean and organized code
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kadhim7 lmatl
@lmatl, Hi

Could you tell me What P, N means

Best regards
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Indestrox kadhim7
@kadhim7, Positive + Negative
grazie RE
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Appreciate your effort, thx!
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Actually I don't understand this: "3. The price should be at-least above the 0.236 Level from the Swing high."
could you explein? I put 1 on the previous Swing High and 0 to the Swing Low while Entry Price should be 0.236 higher than the 0 Low. Correct?
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@ftoxxi, above the .236 fib level from swing high
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Its too difficult to understand! Could you please elaborate in detail and with easy english.
Thanks in advance.
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Thank you sir!
if Emperor, could update the indicator with this alert option, please.
Maybe this lines:
alertcondition(longCond, title='LONG', message='LONG Position!')
alertcondition(shortCond, title='SHORT', message='SHORT Position!')
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shawnteoh Kevinza
@Kevinza, check out my profile for a script that does this
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