CBOE PCR Factor Dependent Variable Odd Generator

This script is the my Dependent Variable Odd Generator script :
with the Put / Call Ratio ( PCR ) appended, only for CBOE and the instruments connected to it.
For CBOE this script is more accurate and faster than Dependent Variable Odd Generator. And the stagnant market odds are better and more realistic.
Do not use for timeframe periods less than 1 day.
Because PCR data may give repaint error.
My advice is to use the 1-week bars to gain insight into your analysis.

This code is open source under the MIT license. If you have any improvements or corrections to suggest, please send me a pull request via the github repository

I hope it will help your work.Best regards!
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This is the simple version of this with only focus on : Market Sentiment
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look very interesting:)
+1 Odpowiedz
Noldo RafaelZioni
@RafaelZioni, Thanks.Your scripts are also cool, especially the version4 applications :)
@Noldo, very interesting scrip - what do the different colors in the histogram bars signify?
+1 Odpowiedz
Noldo AhmadRabmal
@AhmadRabmal, Hello , first of all thanks for your interest. Green bars are Bull Market Probability , Reds are Bear Market Probability and Yellows are Stagnant (Horizontal ) Market Probability.
@Noldo, very interesting and thanks for the quick response. are these calculated based on the probability of that particular day (or time period)?
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Noldo AhmadRabmal
@AhmadRabmal, this is for only 1W time-frame because of avoiding Put/Call data explains cause repaint.
These are suitable for all time-frames :

This is free forever , only source codes are locked.Thanks for your interest again !
Hello, can you please let me know in the security id "security ("USI:PCC", "W", src)"....USI:PCC can we replace this with the stock /index?
nice work

I just finished Dependent Variable Odd Generator update , now it is so much more fast than this script :)
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