Bank nifty puller and Dragger

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Hello Guys

using the below script you can check the nifty bank puller and draggers at live

how to use it?
it's straightforward
in the table, we will see the points contribution by each bank to Bank nifty
graph shows the overall strength of the buyers and sellers

using graphs also you can trade
but If you want to use a graph please note these important points

1:when the evergreen line cut the red line from below to top (cross-over) it says that buyers are strong but sometimes cross-over may fail and fall again
2: same things happen with the red line also
3: sometimes the graph shows that's a big difference between the red line and the green line that the market opened gap up gap down ( its difficult to define ) will update soon
4:when the market consolidates red and green lines will be very near to each other
5: when the green line is upper side the buyers are strong when the red line is upside sellers are strong (but sometimes it may mislead please be careful )

using the table you can check the overall view of all important banks

according to the time frame, data will be shown
this image shows the break out at 12.45 pm

2nd image shows the consolidation face of the market

this image shows that directly after opening the market sellers became stronger

this is how you can use the indicator
you can use graph or you can use table to get the over all view of the Bank nifty

Informacje o Wersji:
Here's an improved version of the list:

1: The table size can now be customized in the settings.
2: The table position can now be adjusted in the settings.
3: Enhancements have been made to improve the accuracy of puller and dragger Graph values (still a work in progress).
4: Now you have the ability to change the weight of every stock in the settings. (Note: NSE updates stock weights frequently, so this feature allows you to keep up with the changes more easily.)
Informacje o Wersji:
there is few bugs fixed
now % of change of stock has been added
Informacje o Wersji:
table look improved
Informacje o Wersji:
few small changes are made to enhance the over all experience
Informacje o Wersji:
The graph will now properly record and plot the puller and dragger lines based on all the data. This ensures that crossover and cross-under events will be accurately represented.

The puller and dragger values are stored , allowing the historical data to be retained and plotted on the chart. This eliminates any confusion caused by displaying only live data.

you can now rely on the puller and dragger lines to accurately depict the dynamics of the data and identify crossover and cross-under events with confidence.
Informacje o Wersji:
added more option for table potion .small changes has been done
Informacje o Wersji:
hey, very imp bug fixed . thanks to user
Informacje o Wersji:
bug fixed in pnb bank
Informacje o Wersji:
now the table will look great for white background ..
Informacje o Wersji:
extra label has been added to see the bull and bear power .
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