­čąó Crypto-Sticks: Z-Score by Cryptorthyhms

­čąóCrypto-SticksÔäó: Z-Score / Z-Sticks

A new series of indicators brought to you by you an alternate look at your trusted favorites! Follow me, there are still 2 dozen Crypto-Sticks indicators planned - all will be released in public library.

­čÜÇIndicator Specific Info

New Crypto-Sticks option is an EMA of the average signal line output. Eventually I will go back and update the previous indicators with this feature as well!

ÔŤöPlease remember that you may have to adjust the overbought and oversold levels to suit the volatility of the instrument you are working with. In the future I will implement a feature that does this automatically, but for now its manual.

Heiken Ashi candles (default) adds some more clear trend changing points which can be executed at the second candle going in either direction. Other coins/charts will require their own strategy - you could potentially have to tweak that parameter. In this example you would enter on 2nd green, exit on 2nd red. HA Example:
Volume weighting the HA candles adds a different dimension to the indicator which I have to explore more fully. VW does work pretty well on this indicator, skewing output without adding too much noise. An example of VW+HA:
­čĺşPlease leave me any ideas or feedback you have!

­čÜźIf you use volume weighting you should be on heiken candles.

­čÜÇCrypto-Sticks General Info

­čÜžThis series isnt polished 100%, and I have some more options I will add in the future. But for now, I want to just release them, as I am not sure when I will have the time to put more work into them (many other big projects I am working on).

­čôŐIts basically reinterpretations of all your favorite indicators. I calculate the values a little bit differently than normal, but the end result is creating a candlestick chart (for the indicator!). Then I added the option to plot them as Heiken Ashi candles to smooth out noise and make signaling easier. I recommend using the indicator on this setting.

­čöŐLastly I implemented a Volume Weighting system for them all which simply integrates volume into the formulas for these indicators. For the most part this feature is experimental and doesn't provide huge utility (yet - I have other ways I want to try it as well - just no time). Though on some of the indicators it already shows great promise.

­čĹŹEnjoying this indicator or find it useful? Please give me a like and follow! There are many more indicators to be released in this series, not to mention I post crypto analysis and other free indicators regularly.

­čĺČQuestions? Comments? Want to get access to an entire suite of proven trading indicators? Come visit us on telegram and chat, or just soak up some knowledge. We make timely posts about the market, news, and strategy everyday. Our community isnt open only to subscribers - everyone is welcome to join.
Feb 22
Informacje o Wersji: Minor Tweak - new version will be posted soon
Feb 22
Informacje o Wersji: tweaked again
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