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3 line strike - Basic chart pattern identification (Script code is now open to anyone to view)
-Plots on the chart for you (the visual experience is their for the end user. They can see ‘why’ item plotted)
i.e; patterns identified
Why = Green candle + Green candle + Green candle + Red candle
Why = Red candle + Red candle + Red candle + Green candle
-Dynamic alerts
What’s this for
Why = Chats gets updated when end of current real-time candle and plots on the chart if pattern found. You can setup TradingView alerts to specific plots on the chart (i.e; then it can notify you via normal website alert methods)
thinking of adding to this chart
-table of patterns found for that day
-more user input fields
-script modularity (easy plugin new code without interfering with anything already their)
Informacje o Wersji: tiny update - fixed silly code comment typo (LOL)
Informacje o Wersji: tiny update - fixed silly code comment typo (LOL)
Informacje o Wersji: // FYI
// This script is intended to be used as a 'indicator/visual aid'. End users will be able to see 'why' plot was shown and if wanted a dynamic alert can be set/triggered in for it
// Available script main functions
// 1. Identify 'Strike' patterns on the selected chart/timeframe
// 2. Plot 3 EMA lines on the on the selected chart/timeframe
// 3. Plot when the EMA lines cross on the on the selected chart/timeframe
// 4. Plot 3 SMA lines on the on the selected chart/timeframe
// 5. Plot when the SMA lines cross on the on the selected chart/timeframe
// 6. Display a table of details end user can see immediately
// Available script end user customization options
// Settings Area
// -=Root setting=- (all is disabled bby default - end user can decide if they want on or off)
// Enable/Disable 'Strike' patterns from being shown
// Enable/Disable 3 EMA lines from being shown
// Enable/Disable when the EMA line cross's
// Enable/Disable 3 SMA lines from being shown
// Set each SMA line length
// Enable/Disable when the SMA line cross's
// Enable/Disable if you want table to be shown
// The 2 below are not required to be adjusted
// Symbol = current chart trading pair
// Time Period = current chart period (By default this is ALL)
// -=Granularity=-
// 3x Set each EMA line length
// 3x Set each SMA line length
// Available dynamic alerts – can be used as triggers on
// Related to ‘Strike’ pattern identification
// Strike Bullish – Reason; pattern found
// Strike Bearish – Reason; pattern found
// Related to EMA plotted lines (crossing)
// EMA X Up - Reason; EMA line 1 goes up/over EMA line 2
// EMA X Down - Reason; EMA line 2 goes down/below EMA line 1
// Related to SMA plotted lines (crossing)
// SMA X Up - Reason; SMA line 1 goes up/over SMA line 2
// SMA X Down - Reason; SMA line 2 goes down/below SMA line 1
// Script modularity
// Each section of code is broken up into easily specific/editable areas
// For example; you can home in onto a specific code related area or you can make new area just
// specifically what you are trying to accomplish and just slot it into the existing code without
// breaking the format (their might be minimal conflict, normally this might be pre-used variables – if
// so its easy to fix)
Informacje o Wersji: Typo
Informacje o Wersji: silly typo
Informacje o Wersji: ***V1 Change log – 27/7/22***
Published initial ‘Strike Pattern Identification’ script
Included chart plots if detected pattern was ‘Bullish or Bearish’
Included chart dynamic alerts (depends on the real-time market data and when new pattern is plotted on the chart)
***V2 Change log – 11/8/22***
Made each coded feature to be either Enabled/Disabled by the end user (all is default OFF as end user can decide if they want to enable else to many plots on the chart, this can confuse end users)
Added EMA lines (x3)
Added chart plots when the EMA lines cross
Added SMA lines (x3)
Added chart plots when the SMA lines cross
Added granularity – ability for end users to alter few defined parameters
Added table of useful details the end user might want to see at a glance
For each plotted item added it to the dynamic alert option end user can use as trigger on
Encapsulated each feature into their own sperate easy to modify/switch out for other modules
Added all this same info + more in the actual script beginning/blurb as end user not always see or profile site, they just see the item from the site ‘indicator’ area prior to adding it to the ‘Chart or Favorites’
***V3 Change log – 31/7/22***
Added missing module descriptions from the previous release
Fixed some spelling/grammar mistakes
Decided timeline for future script releases (Every Wednesday evening UTC+10 -only if their is a script update)
Added Bollinger Bands (In the script it’s called ‘BB’)
Added Parabolic Sar (In the script it’s called ‘Psar’)
Added chart plots when the BB exits the cloud
Add ability to change table orientation
Improved table colors
Oscillator stats added to table of details - RSI, ATR, Stochastic, W%R, CCI, AO, MACD, Aroon, ADX
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