Support/Resistance Zones x3

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Support and Resistance Levels + Zones for 3 time frames, based on volume at fractal levels with Zones based on wick size which is a true reflection of a Zone when compared to other S/R Zone scripts which only use a thick line not based on anything.
Original script is thanks to synapticex I have just migrated to version 3, heavily modified it and added Support and Resistance Zones.
Informacje o Wersji: Migrated to version 4
Modified S/R Zones so that it has option to show the true Zone or the Expanded Zone and not just the Expanded Zone as before
Added Daily and Weekly High Low Close Extensions
Skrypt open-source

Zgodnie z prawdziwym duchem TradingView, autor tego skryptu opublikował go jako open-source, aby traderzy mogli go zrozumieć i zweryfikować. Brawo dla autora! Możesz używać go za darmo, ale ponowne wykorzystanie tego kodu w publikacji jest regulowane przez Dobre Praktyki. Możesz go dodać do ulubionych, żeby używać go na wykresie.

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After such good tools build by awsome people like you I cannot explain to myself why I am not still profitable...
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@Lij_MC If I were to select Weekly and Monthly timeframe for the TF2 and TF3 , what should be the moving average settings ?
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Lij_MC Manoj_Murali
@Manoj_Murali, default should be the best
Hey man thanks for sharing this! I'm currently trying to get the levels to go longer, like extend out further through time (for more candles). Then i'll maybe make a custom method for expiring them. I'm sure i'll figure it out, but if you happen to be on and see this and know a quick way pls let me know! I have seen a lot of situations on the chart i'm using it on where the levels stopped, but it bounced off them later on, and I want to run a bot with this script so I need them to extend out further for the alerts to go off and send signal to my bot :)

Thanks again, great script and saved me some time!
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aliasnoa aliasnoa
@aliasnoa, Actually idk how to do this, can anyone help? Basically for a supp or res. the old one stops when a new one starts but I want them all to keep going for n distance. Anyone have an idea how to do this?
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Lij_MC aliasnoa
@aliasnoa, Hi thanks, sorry I'd love to be able to do that aswell but not sure how at this stage
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aliasnoa Lij_MC
@Lij_MC, I may know a way. I'm thinking of just doing another variable which is like a shadow to trail behind them. So like when level changes, the shadow variable = previous level and stays that way for x number of candles, then fades. Might have to have 3 different ones though taking turns...gonna be tricky haha
Lij_MC aliasnoa
@aliasnoa, Will be interesting to see what you come up with
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Lij_MC aliasnoa
@aliasnoa, Yes I've wondered the same, but am unsure how to program them to extend longer
@Lij_MC, @aliasnoa, Hey there I was able to get the levels to extend by adding a and at the end of zone and enabled the extend right feature. However it only extends the active S/R zones and will not extend the older ones, but honestly it would make the chart so messy if they were all extended infinitely to the right. Using and isn't exactly the prettiest way to join them, but it works well enough and uses the same color scheme as the original zones. At first I tried simply copying the plots and changing the offset on each, but then I got an error when compiling that there were too many plot outputs. Let me know if you guys would like to take a look at my code
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