­čÉ« Bull Bear FilterÔäó v1.3 ­čÉ╗ by Cryptorthyhms

Bull Bear Filter ( BBF ) shows you overall market sentiment, identifies bearish / bullish / hidden divergences, the strength / momentum of a trend, and even has a buy/sell signaling system. It works on all instruments - stocks, forex, crypto, gold , oil , etc. (zoom in to see more clearly - this was just to show macro view).

Quick TLDR Version:
If BBF is under 50 its considered bearish . During downtrends, it will rarely spike above 50 (but when it does - thats a good shorting point). 50-60 is mildly bullish territory but the trend might not sustain, and over 60 you should definitely empty your bags.

Full Version
New features in this version include...

1.) Automatic Divergence Detection - When BBF disagrees with price action now it will show you! (also if its a bearish divergence, do not long for the duration of it!) You must enable this in options to see it.

Also - there's no substitute for a human eye, and while this will point some divergences out, it will NOT catch them all. Divergences are sometimes leading indicators meaning that trend perhaps hasnt changed yet, but will soon.

2.) Ability to change more settings on the BB signaling system for more precise tuning. (in options)

3.) Bollinger Band Signaling System now has red arrows for potential buy points and green for sell points. This automates the signaling system introduced in version 1.2. (show on the chart are profit calculations for these signals for the last 60+ days).

Always use proper risk management and understand no system is always 100% accurate!

Please join us in our telegram channel (link in my sig ) to receive free signals, free indicators, free information and free advice. Our team doesnt care if you purchase from us or not, we are here to build a helpful community!

3 day trials of BBF available, 3 trial spots left for this week.

P.S. BBF development still has more upgrade in the pipelines! All purchases are lifetime and entitle you to all future upgrades :)
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Hi, can I try please. Thanks
Hi, Can i try please?
Yes please, IÔÇÖm keen to trial.
Hi, Can i try please. Thanks!!
hi can i have accesses on trial basis
Could I trial please
@tyro123, 3 day trial started! come join us in telegram (link above in my sig) if you would like tips/instruction PDF/strategies, etc. Thanks!
hi plz have access
theheirophant xdeslores9000x
@xdeslores9000x, 3 day trial started! come join us in telegram (link above in my sig) if you would like tips/instruction PDF/strategies, etc. Thanks!
Can you please grant me access for a while ?
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