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Hello traders.
Thanks to the tool I have published, everyone who knows or does not know coding will be able to create strategies and see the results instantly on the screen. Yes it looks very nice :)

What does this script do?

Thanks to this tool, even if you don't know any coding, you will be able to create your own strategies. You can add and remove indicators.

The first thing you need to do is to set a strategy in your mind.
Then you need to adjust the settings of the indicators installed in the system. Please set the indicators first, because later they are forgotten.
The screen for entering the parameters of the indicators will be as follows.

After entering the parameters there is an important part. In this section, we can adjust the strategy settings.
First we choose between which dates we want the strategy to run. We then choose whether we want the strategy results to be displayed in a table or not.
We choose how the Terms should be linked together. For example, if you have a condition that is expected to produce more than one receive signal, select whether these conditions are connected to each other with and or with the connector.

In this way, you can determine whether all or any of the rules in your strategy should apply.
Next, we choose whether our strategy will work in the spot market or in a bidirectional market. Yes, you can design a strategy for both spot and bidirectional trades :)

At the bottom of the above image, we see a screen where we can adjust the stop level and tp level. As a standard, adjustments are made according to the percentage level you enter. However, if you remove the tick next to the percent sign, the previous stop level and the next profit level are determined as much as the value you entered.
At the bottom is the trailing stop. When you open the trailing stop, the trailing stop becomes active in your strategy.
Very important, when the trailing stop and the stop are active at the same time, the trailing stop value is valid.

It's time to design our strategy. Each chapter that begins with an exclamation point is a separate fiction.
If you do not mark the Active button, that condition will not be included in the calculation.
Direction = It is the direction for which the fiction in this region is valid.
We came to the indicator setting screen. Here, there is a screen where we can select two different indicators on the right and left.
We choose the first indicator starting with 1.
Then we choose from the middle region how we want these two indicators to interact.
We choose our second indicator from the place starting with 2.
If you want an indicator to interact with any value, tick the box where it says Value and fill in the value in the blank. When Value is ticked, the second indicator does not work.

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