Ichimoku Bars

This script follows off the principles of the Ichimoku Cloud indicator. The green zones display optimal time to buy according to the Ichimoku model. The red zones show optimal time to sell according to the Ichimoku model inverse. The yellow zones show where the conversion line meets the base line (potential up or down movement at this point). Feel free to contact me to fix any problems or add additional info.
Informacje o Wersji: Update 1: Fixed yellow bars to show all locations where conversion line meets the base line.
Informacje o Wersji: Added the ability to turn On/Off the Ichimoku Cloud indicator on top of the Ichimoku Bars. This feature is useful for peoplpe who use the free version of TradingView where the number of indicators to have on at once is limited.
Informacje o Wersji: Added Ichimoku Cloud category. Fixed fill bug.
Informacje o Wersji: Updated color format to the newer version. Console should now show no depreciating errors.
Skrypt open-source

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