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BITTREX:PTOYBTC   Patientory / Bitcoin
This company is going places, I have been researching the team, the fundamentals, and TA for about a week or two for a few hours every day. The entirety of the staff checks out and they have built a HIPPA approved platform to interface             with EMR             companies. This will revolutionize healthcare as we know it, they have a free app coming out this month for patients to interface             with their care team as well as other individuals with similar conditions. They have been chosen to present at a convention in Atlanta             October 2017, have been picked multiple times in multiple places one of the top ten most influential companies, not even at events solely restricted to the crypto space...top ten out of hundreds of other companies. This will disrupt healthcare IT as we know it! They are also doing a trial at 8 hospitals for ninety days. This will climb throughout that time and if even one of those 8 hospitals signs on after the 90 day trial that will send it flying. I have connections in the healthcare space, (specifically pharmaceuticals and EMR             ) and I have showed them this company and their plan of action and they agree that it is a winner. Oh did I mention they are HIPPA compliant, yes I did, but that is HUGE. My understanding is that they can interface             with current EMR             companies as well as having the technology to possibly replace them down the road. My understanding is they are also aligned with Kaiser Permanente which is almost enough right there. If you have a little more time than I have taken already there is a great analysis on medium that I cannot take credit for.


Writing this I feel like a schill but this is far from the truth, I have bought in 3x and plan to as much more as I can, my family is and my friends are. This one is a win that I may not ever let go of.
Komentarz: Neither EMR nor interface are in reference to any asset but tickers and % were automatically inserted.
Komentarz: They just released an updated roadmap on Twitter
Worst charting i've ever seen!
@AlexScagz, May be the worst chart but the investment opportunities in the long seem to be promising. Being involved in healthcare myself there seems to be great potential for this company, particularly in 2018 :) Great source, but agree... screenshot a better chart
@AlexScagz, You don't even know how to read a chart Alex...and it came back
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