NPXS big move coming once capital trickles out of bitcoin

BINANCE:NPXSBTC   Pundi X / Bitcoin
812 obejrzeń
812 5
- 3 day cloud getting very thin which mean very likely to break through!

- Close to hitting the trend line from where it broke out of a while ago

- The NPXS removed amount is 7,592,770,954.46 (7.5B)

Buy Zone 7,8 satoshis

I do not know when the run is going to happen, but i do know buying at these price ranges you can be in for some serious gains ahead!

Be Awesome.

Zlecenie aktywne: Binance hit 8 satoshis
Bittrex hit 7 satohis

selling pressure is cooling off for now as btc dominance slightly decreases.

should see some whale activity soon.
Zlecenie aktywne: got your buys set? hold on tight :-)
Zlecenie aktywne: Breakout is on the horizon probably this weekend!
I totally agree. Npxs will move quick especially with all the Institutional money that is looking to get into great blockchain products and PundiX fits the perfect description.
@altcoinb, Yes, the main reason why pundi is not moving yet, is because they will not let everyone enter and profit from it right away, when it happends, it will definitely be a unexpected pump, where fomo'ers have to chase the price and eventually sell at a loss due whales controlling the price, just to push higher later on :)
Whale activity detected on Binance... Variations of 80BTC orders are placed and removed in couple of minutes. Do not buy FOMO, I think price should decrease to 6-7 sats (Binance). This should be a good entry point. Be careful with stop-loss. Trading at such low sats with whale activity is VERY dangerous and can make you lose a lot of money.
wolfdouchy genesislord
@genesislord, Yes Sir. :)
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