Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS) with squeeze potential

Welcome to my Detailed and Extensive Technical Analysis of Norwegian Air Shuttle ( NAS )

Norwegian Air Shuttle

Welcome to this analysis from me,
Norwegian Air Shuttle currently has the potential for a strong price rise once the price leaves the breakout zone and enters Elliot wave 3.

The situation is strengthened by a clearly recognizable W formation with a completed retest, between Elliot wave 1 and 3.

The price target for the W formation is NOK 16.024

The price targets for Elliot wave 3 are at:

NOK 14.804
18.558 NOK
22,262 NOK
24,582 NOK

The price target for wave 5 is not yet fixed, and can only be determined after the successful formation of wave 4, the 42,088 NOK are only given as an optical orientation for wave 5.
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First published by me Highrisk221 on TradingView on 27. 01 .2022 14:30hrs.
Please keep in mind that this is a purely technical analysis based on probability calculations and data from the past, and only reflects what my eye shows me ;)
This analysis is for information only and is scientific in nature.
This analysis is not based on any fundamental data!
This analysis is not an investment advice and should not be considered as a buy, sell or hold signal.
This analysis is not suitable for individual individuals, it is not recommended to make a trading decision based on this analysis.
Always do your own research before investing and seek the advice of a qualified person.
I am not an investment advisor or similar.
I hold shares in Norwegian Air Shuttle, there is a possibility that I may increase or sell my shares at any time.
Komentarz: We left the breakout Zone, lets go!

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