Supply and Demand patterns scanned automatically

Very often the main issue for traders is to just on time (quickly?) spot on chart correct patterns that may warn traders about incoming to market Supply or Demand. Everyone tries to catch reversals as this is beginning of potentially long new trend. And asking yourself try to answer honestly to yourself - how often you skipped the move because you didn't notice it at first glance and only it was visible to you AFTER the move happen, when you revisited chart and tried to take lesson learnt from chart and wondering why you didn't enter trade that time..

There could be a lot of reasons of that but one of main that I try to fight is - eliminate subjectiveness. Therefore still I don't automate trading, but try to get potential signals identified by software. After multiple months of research and work, I modified original VSA approach and prepared better version of definitions combining knowledge and tips from multiple VSA Experts. That's how software was created and is learnt to identify Demand and Supply Signals automatically notifying me via alerts/notifications about potential trades. When we add to those signals automatic drawing of Volume Zones, we have complete trading system. Especially during first retest Volume Zones works like a charm when there's perfect opportunities to enter trades in original direction of first breakthrough.

On chart I also marked recent examples of Demand & Supply signals that were identified by Scanner BEFORE the trend move happened. Still judgement of trader (manual) is needed but Scanner gives already big edge on market. Combining this with Volume Analysis known from VSA approach and with knowledge about basic market structures, there's no other option than become profitable trader. Of course if you follow your own trading rules and properly manage money alongside with Risk:Reward ratio.

AI calculated Levels based on Darkpool and Options market data
Automatic Scanner of Supply & Demand on the market - VSA Scanner with a taste of AI ;)
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