DN Delta 9 Cannabis ready to fly "high"

Welcome to my DN Delta 9 Cannabis Analysis :)

This analysis shows two situations, once a Bearish Harmonic pattern and a Bullish Navarro 200.

The Bearish pattern would still have two targets Open:
0.215 CAD
0.070 CAD

If these targets are reached, I expect at the latest from 0.060 CAD with a very strong impulsive rise (possibly with a short squeeze by closing the short positions).

However, since a bullish pattern has already formed, the price could already rise now, the targets are the green price masks in the respective target areas.

Since this pattern can go even deeper, two more Varrianten projected in purple and gray, the corresponding price targets are in the corresponding colors in the target areas.

Point D Purple = 0.345
Point D Gray = 0.230

The massive pull back point is calculated from the Maximum Short Target, as from the intersection of a Bullish Start and Bearish Target Wolf's Mouth line ;)

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Thanks a lot

Please keep in mind that this is a pure analysis and only reflects what my eye shows me ;)
This analysis is for informational purposes only and is scientific in nature.
This analysis is not based on any fundamental data!
This analysis is not an investment advice and should not be considered as a buy, sell or hold signal.
Always do your own research before investing and seek the advice of a qualified person.
I am not an investment advisor or similar and do not make any investment recommendation here.

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