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Ok let's start.

Paying attention to the monthly levels and downward channel , I think Bitcoin will return to the level of 7k USD, this is the decisive level of the last time and this is where it sees possible breaking up and playing for halving to the level of 11-12k USD. If the price does not exceed 10k USD in the near future, I am waiting for a drop to 5.5k USD (where we have a little bit gap on CME and where we have montly level). It is possible that deeper dropdown, market will decide.

in my opinion bitcoin has not yet reached the level of total surrender. Halving is indeed a specific event in the history of the Bitcoin , but will it have such an impact on further increases now? I dare to doubt. On the run, we have a little over 30% of the 18 million bitcoins excavated, the next halving is unlikely to affect so significantly in my opinion. Previously we got boom in media, we got boom for mining crypto, everyone trying to buy or mining, that fact depend on bubble with ATH on 19k USD,but now..... I think the exchange rate is currently moving towards stabilization at USD 5-7k.

Ofk Short from 8950usdt level, yes its not a local high but it's still good entry, we will se how i close.
Zlecenie aktywne: Still in game. It's Bitcoin where you need deep depo or you play with SL.

Ok then i add extra 0,2 BTC on Short position (now 0,5 BTC in play). My SL is my liquidation on level +/-10200 (it's my strategy. Never have more money than my virtual SL).

But what now, im my opinion BTC can attack 9550 USD. If on that level BTC found big resistance, it very possible to drop down to 8900 usd -> 8300 usd -> 7000 usd


czk1977 karolpolikarp
@karolpolikarp, ten się śmieje, kto się śmieje ostatni, z resztą skoro śmiejesz się z tego co jest całkiem prawdopodobne to tym bardziej znak , że trzeba sprzedawać
kpotiom karolpolikarp
@karolpolikarp, Zapraszam do zaprezentowania swojej opinii, nikt nie jest nieomylny, ale myślę że możemy wymienić spostrzeżenia. Tak poza tym nadal jestem w Shorcie, po prostu dołożyłem i rozegrałem hedge na altach, tak więc póki co bez strat
I'm thinking about closing right now (price about $9375). Next buy around 7k :)